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Weird and Wacky Design: Conjuring Rabbits from a Car

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I really like this ram a lot

I don’t know what is wrong with wordpress lately, but I keep losing lots of stuff, then they keep coming back.  I have changed a lot of stuff round recently, so I need to go through my settings again, make sure I’ve not ticked some wrong boxes or something.  I came across these unusual animals made of car parts.

car part sculpture Rooster

They are called ‘Steampunk animal sculptures’ and are by James Corbett.  Apparently, each part has kept the integrity of the car part it is derived from.  I haven’t a clue about car parts at all, so where this rooster came from I don’t know, but I like the shiny substance which looks like it’s made from horn.

James Corbett Hare

This hare is a bit frightening, it looks like an automation – that it could easily come alive!  Something you would see in an old Doctor Who episode.  For more of these unusual animals made from car parts HERE