4 thoughts on “Watched: ‘Enid’ BBC4

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I popped over to read your review of Enid (which I enjoyed) and say hello.
    It seems we had very similar views about it. It hasn’t spoiled my perceptions of her books ~ in many ways it has merely explained to me why an adult could write children’s books so well.


  2. Hi Jan! Thanks for visiting. You are right about it not spoiling your perceptions of her books, it really shouldn’t. Knowing what I do now about the author doesn’t diminish my memories of reading these books and my childhood enjoyment, and dare I say it, escapism!
    I found the ending for Blyton very sad, as she drifts away into a faraway land, insulated against reality permanantly.
    I like these biopics very much, enjoyed Hughie Green and Walliams Frankie Howard. Jane Horrock’s as Gracie Fields next week!

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