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Weird and Wacky Design: Stick With What you Know…..

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gold tooth smile bracelet

Here’s an odd collection of stuff I came across the other day.  I’m not sure if I like the bracelet or not…probably not, in other words, I wouldn’t wear it.  It is very unusual though…Jaws springs to mind (and not in a nice way either)

kisses bandages

How cute are these sticking plasters or (bandages, as they are known?)  It seems there are loads of designs now part from the usual pink and blue.  Some of these are great, but why would you put a strip of bacon over your wound? lol!

bacon bandages

For sheer fun though, I really LOVE this banana vase!  This banana shape lends itself quite well to a flower container I think. 

jonathon adler banana vase

 Also these totem cups are rather nice and stackable.  I like the fact that they have been left plain and understated, this lets the design speak for itself.

totem stackable mugs

The above items are available from HERE