Teapots: Stairway to Teapot Heaven

Tanya Nockler-Golding

Just a quick little post tonight.  I came across this stairway made of teapots!   Well, it’s not just teapots it’s made of, there are many chards of pottery and ceramics in the mix.

woodland couple Tanya Nockler Golding

Also by the same person, this  colourful ‘Woodland couple’.  I love the simplicity and the country inspired  glazes of this sort of work.  The ceramics are both rustic, yet contemporary.

Tanya Nockler-Golding.jpg teapot and sugar

The shape is Clarice Cliff Art Deco, but the look is very now.  Who wouldn’t want this on their breakfast table?  Lovely and cheerful.  There are other unusual ceramics, all with their own character by the same  artist HERE

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