A sense of Recently

The Star Inn today, work is underway

Just a quick one tonight as I’m working: more of a kind of summing up really.  The Star inn project has started, we will need more help, but I think there’s a lot of goodwill around and although it’s only the first day, they have accomplished quite a bit.

Follow Me? chance would be a fine thing

I’m a Twitterer now!  Again, it’s early days and I don’t have many followers yet, but I’m hoping that will change in the future.  I still can’t get that blasted Twitter bird on my page, though I have managed to get my twitterings on.

adopt a word today!

I’ve adopted a word: a most wonderful locupletative word!  I’m trying to slip it into conversations but have been greeted so far with blank stares.  I just can’t see this word catching on somehow, but I shall persevere – I’ve put a lot of hard work into remembering it and  it’s taken me a couple of days to pronounce it without stumbling over it, lol!

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