The Star Inn: Resurgence!

The Star Inn, a new start

The weather may have been windy, wild and blustering: the rain pelting down, but what an exciting day it was for The Star Inn!  Today another door opened on a new  exciting chapter in the pubs history!  They thought it was all over – but it wasn’t!  In truth, it’s only just starting!   The people entered the forsaken pub and claimed it as their own!  Unbelievably, a few short weeks ago, the Star Inn had a very uncertain future and was up for auction.  The brewery may have  abandoned it, but instead of fuming helplessly and looking for a new local, the people rallied round and saved it by putting their money where their mouths were!

open house

Filming continued today. Despite the rain, and the bar being dry, spirits were high and everyone is so full of hope for the future.  Hard work will ensue as the pub opens its doors at 10 a.m. tomorrow and the practical jobs are distributed and sorted out.  There are exciting plans in store for the peoples pub: including an indoor Ladies lavatory.  Lots of social events and possibly even its own   micro brewery are planned!  What an exciting and heartwarming story this truly is.  People are not only putting their money into their local, they are also putting their hearts, services and their time.  The letters that spell out its name may have been taken back, but nothing can stop the Star from going forward: it’s bright light shining onwards as it has done for the best part of  140 years!  Cheers!

a new beginning

The resurgence of this 1867 building is already starting.  If you can help in any way at all, please get in touch with Margaret;

E-mail Address(es):

Follow this story from the beginning;

The Auction

What Happened

Star Inn a Cliff Hanger

UPDATE: The Star Inn now has it’s own website

If you would like to become a friend of the Star Inn on Facebook, catch up with meetings, see old friends and track our progress click HERE

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