Locupletative Words, Speak for themselves!

use them or lose them WORDS

I’m so excited!  I’ve adopted a word!  Yes a WORD, a real word!  This word wasn’t my first word choice.  I got diverted, wandered away and I couldn’t find it again.  However, I found another one.  The word, in case you haven’t already guessed is the adjective ‘Locupletative’ which means ‘tending to enrich’, and I’m hoping it will enrich my vocabulary.  Be warned, I shall be slipping it into posts wherever I can!


What a great idea it is to adopt a word.  The English language is losing lots of words, through disuse.  However, we can bring these words back into usage again in a number of ways.  Some of the recommended ways of resurrecting these words are to use them in texts (well some of them are a bit long for that), naming pets after them (lol!) walking around wearing a sandwich board (as if…) and including them in conversations, thereby making them part of every day language.

Spread the WORD

Some of the words are so beautiful  too…like ‘Adimpleate’, a verb which means ‘to fill up’ ‘would you be so kind as to adimpleate the vial with your urine sample’.  Or ‘Mariturient’ an adjective which  means ‘to marry’  ‘There is no need to  be desperately  mariturient just because you are eight months pregnant’

If you would like to adopt a word and save it from oblivion, the website is HERE

The above graphics are from THIS website

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