Weird and Wacky Design: Cutting Edge Jewellery (Literally)

scissor bracelet

I couldn’t resist this cutting edge bracelet!  It’s so Uri Gellar isn’t it?  lots of fun to wear and a real talking piece, I bet. I am reminded of  a recycled part of a Victorian Chatelaine.

Victorian chatelaine, the lady's toolbox


vintage skull brooch

Another piece of Jewellery that I found on the website called ‘Eclectic Eccentricity Jewellery’ is this unusual skull brooch.  It is called ‘Pin all your Hopes’ (some hope when the end is..a skull)  It is hung from a vintage copper bow pin, so you are getting a touch of age there to add to the eccentricity.

nuts about you, aw so cute

The last piece is just too cute for words ! It’s called ‘Nuts about you’ and it’s a squirrel bracelet.  There’s a message in there somewhere (from tiny acorns…. or don’t put your nuts in one basket? lol!)   The prices are good to on this website too.  

HERE’S  the link to the website where weird and wonderful jewellery abounds!

More weird and wacky jewellery HERE (Clown Jewels or Treasure Trove?)

One thought on “Weird and Wacky Design: Cutting Edge Jewellery (Literally)

  1. A nice jewellery site. The skull brooch is just the sort of thing they had in Georgian times as a ‘memento mori’. Wouldn’t want to wear one, though I suppose it would appeal to Goths and Steampunks.

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