Book Graveyard: They are not Dead, They are only Sleeping

people stocking up on free books abandoned by Amazon second hand book suppliers Feb 2009 Bristol

Free books!  In February this years people filled their socks  and anything else they had on them with second-hand books from an Amazon abandoned warehouse!  Read the story HERE

Books, books, books!  I have books piled up all over the place.  I have too many books.  I’ve sold some, given  some away, but still I have mountains of books.  I have bookshelves.  But those are filled, so books are crammed into the gaps!  Up in the loft space, I have shelves of books and books stacked up on top of each other.  I once tried to create some kind of order, even catalogue them…but I gave up in the end.  Much as I love books, I couldn’t help admire some of these ideas of about what to do with surplus books.

one page makes you smaller...

I am torn, on the one hand I do think it a bit sacrilegious to deface books, kind of Orwell’s 1984  (says I merrily tearing, painting and snipping away at my altered book…) but on the other hand, look how innovative the Alice in Wonderland one is!  I think that if you are going to deface a book with what looks suspiciously like Tenniel illustrations… remove them first and replace with a photocopy.  Still torn though….. and so is the book..

tea party madness, whatever did they put in the tea?

I rather like the book room though!  No defacing and practical, a cosy little den to read in, surrounded by books.  Of course you would have had to make sure you had already read all the building books: it just wouldn’t do to pull one out would it…

if there was just some way of making a roof..this would be so cosy

I think these framed 3D pieces are lovely.  It’s a good job they are  behind recessed glass. If not, they would collect a lot of dust.   They have collage elements, that remind me of Dada photomontage  artist Hannah Hoch 1889 -1978.  Read about this famous Dada artist and about her place in the Weimar Republic.  Read  a brief history of Photomontage HERE

book carvings

HERE is the website these books came from, along with many other ideas about what to do with your books!  A rather good idea that I came up with is to actually read them!  Innovative eh!

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