Weird and Wacky Design: Bread and Butter

What a malleable material bread is.  You can make anything out of it.  I made a lot of salt dough designs including ‘dummy’ bread once, painted them, varnished them and sold them.  Some of them are still going.  Salt dough really does need to be varnished though, damp is it’s natural  enemy, and once it gets into the dough – well that’s the end of it really.

bread the staff of life and death?
bread the staff of life and death?

You used to see dough sculpture in many a country kitchen, nowadays it rears it’s head in the most unlikely places and with the most amazing results.  Kittiwat Unnarom is a Fine Art student who makes amazing bread sculptures (see above).  He makes body parts from bread!  Not salt dough  but bread.   They are startlingly realistic and what’s more they are edible and alleged to be delicious!  He has his own bakery, called ‘Body Bakery’ in Thailand.  From the video, it looks like a raging success too!

Now with bread, you’ve just got to have butter.  So here’s a beautiful edible sculpture.  Seems a shame to eat it doesn’t it?

butter swan
butter swan

Here is the website (below) where the above sculpture came from.  All the sculptures use food as a medium (including ice).  Some of these are absolutely marvelous I think!

HERES the link

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