The Star Inn: A Cliff Hanger…

Follow that Star......
Follow that Star......

 What a great meeting it was last night in the Friendship pub, Prestwich Manchester.  The Star committee were well organised.  There were five groups , ranging from Finance to Community.  The builder’s group, which were the largest was very busy: packed with men offering their ideas and services.  One of the proposals, and first on the agenda  is to  build  a Ladies toilet INSIDE!  Yes, unbelievable as it is, the Ladies toilet is, and always has been outside, despite protests throughout the years.  So this is quite a radical move eh!  and I suspect one of many, though they do hope the fabric and history of the place will still shine  through.  There’s no website yet, but if you would like to help, please get in touch with Margaret via  

E-mail Address(es):

The Star will shine on
The Star will shine on

Last night Nicola from BBC Four came around with her microphone to gather pieces of information regarding the plans for the pub.  She will join the Star people on their journey from beginning to hopefully happy end, and maybe a documentary will emerge!  It’s clear, from last night’s meeting that ideas and enthusiasm abound regarding to the re making of the pub.  A new start awaits ‘The Star’   and people are raring to go: ready to get stuck in, despite the hard work which lies ahead.  One thing is for sure, with all the good will, organisation and belief, this project will not fail for lack of trying!  The reopening is planned for December.  Can’t wait!!!

The Star on the cliff just slumbering at the moment
The Star on the cliff just slumbering at the moment

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The Auction

What Happened


UPDATE: The Star Inn now has it’s own website

If you would like to become a friend of the Star Inn on Facebook, catch up with meetings, see old friends and track our progress click HERE

12 thoughts on “The Star Inn: A Cliff Hanger…

  1. There should be a dedicated website set up for people to follow this story and contribute from afar. I am a local currently working away and would love to be involved as The Star is a local treasure.

    1. Hi Neil,

      You’ll have to bear with us, just a little bit longer, as Lynda suggests. We’ve done a great deal in little more than 3 weeks, and no day passes without more happening.

      Messages from afar are always welcome – can you give us more idea of which Neil you are?

      email us directly at


  2. Neil, There will be a website, they are setting one up. As soon as they do, I will give you the website address. They have some great ideas for the pub and it’s all systems go! They are itching to get into the pub at the moment for work to commence. They will be open for December and are already planning the Childrens Christmas party! If you’re home for Christmas, you know where to go!

  3. Spent many a happy hour in the Star. Martin Gittins & I played our first gig there as Pint n’ Half and together we went on to run the folk club for many years untill I had to part company with it leaving Martin to carry on, and on, and on…….
    Sorry I wasn’t at the “last night” but OFSTED was on my tail!
    Wish you all well with the noble project and will certainly be at some of the future events.
    The Star is too good to loose. Even though I’ve not been in for a few years it’s the kind of place that makes you feel better just in the kowledge that it’s THERE!!!!!! A bit like the pyramids or the great wall of China.
    Best Wishes, Rick.

  4. Hi Rick, I know exactly what you mean about it being THERE, same with me too, I hadn’t been in for a few years either. I intend to start going back in though when it opens. Although I don’t know Martin, we (me and my sister Lorraine) were sat on the table next to him. I’m sure she said that the Folk Club lasted 25 years. I only went a few times, but my sister went a lot. We set ourself the task of learning the Latin words to Gaudete…..I learned a couple of verses, but I believe Lorraine got up in the Folk Club and made the words up as she went along! lol! I hasten to add, that this was spotted, heheh! I’m hope they bring Folk night back again, it was very popular. Hope to see you in there one day!

  5. Hi all, nice to read what Rick had to say. Suffice to sat we WILL attempt to set up some sort of folk evening, initially very informal in a ‘singaround’ format BUT, if the initial response I’ve had from former afficionados is anything to go by I can see it developing and , who knows, we may yet recapture a little of the ‘Legendary Star Inn Folk Club’ atmosphere!

    It’s important to spread the word as far and wide as possible so make sure you dig out all your old contacts and let them knowmthat there is a Buzz in Lower Broughton!


    (Martin Gittins)

    1. Hello Martin! We will look forward to hopefully, the resurection of Folk Evening! This is great ! Richard has found two of his old muckers! There must be many more out there though – where are you? identify yourselves! lol!
      And I’ve yet to find out who ‘Neil’ is…
      answers on a postacrd please!

    2. Hi

      Had many great evenings at the STAR Folk Club some 33 years ago. Would be great top get together again and play some of the old songs. A star reunion club night would be great!

      Steve Levy

      1. Great idea Steve! Have you joined my Friends of the star group on facebook? Lots of pics on there and the Star website address to ask them. Cheers!

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