The Star Inn Salford: It’s all Over………

Yes, the proverbial Fat Lady has just sang, and it’s not last orders!  The regulars have only been and gone and done it….saved the Star from being flattend or converted or whatever unknown fate awaited it!  Regulars got together and bid at for their beloved local when it came up at auction.  They put their money where their mouths were and are now the very  proud owners of this 1860s built pub!

The Star Inn will shine again
The Star Inn will shine again

At a meeting last night at The Friendship Inn,  Prestwich, the new owners and supporters were out in force to celebrate and ruminate about their  plans for the future regarding their pub.   Yes their pub!  They have loads of ideas already about how to make the pub viable.  There’s building work to be done and a manager to be got, but these are mere details: the mood is positive.  The hard work shall begin as soon as possible, and they hope to be open for business in time for Christmas. 

just a few of the supporters of the Star Inn at the Friendship In Prestwich before it got packed out
just a few of the supporters of the Star Inn at the Friendship In Prestwich before it got packed out

 It was strange to see these jubilent regulars out of their environment and in The Friendship and the atmosphere was so uplifting!  It’s people who make a pub, not the building, as was evidenced last night,  I saw loads of  people I hadn’t seen in years – a great night was had by one and all.  There’s a meeting next Tuesday, same place same time and I’m really looking forward to it.  Surely, with pubs closing at the rate of between 27 and 52 per week, this must give hope for those who are likely to lose their locals?

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UPDATE: The Star Inn now has it’s own website

If you would like to become a friend of the Star Inn on Facebook, catch up with meetings, see old friends and track our progress click HERE

15 thoughts on “The Star Inn Salford: It’s all Over………

  1. Just heard about the Star being auctioned and maybe demolished ! I drank there as a regular in the early 70’s and new the Marshall family well. Sadly lost contact when Wally Marshall left the place to his daughter Maxine. I was in the licensed trade as were a lot of other regulars at the time so often help ‘one-armed Wally’ in the cellar. Any news of the place will be eagerly received. Please contact if I can help !!!

    1. Hi Richard, As you can see by my latest post, The Star is now owned by some of the regulars! Fabulous eh! Power to the People and all that! I remember Wally very well (now sadly deceased) Maxine, though I’ve not seen her for years is still going. If you are nearby, why not pop down to the Friendship (a Holts pub) on Scholes Lane Prestwich next Thursday about 9 where theres a meeting. You may see some old pals! plus get the lowdown of how you can help
      Kind Regards

      1. Back down south now Lynda – but please ask anyone if they can remember Arfa who worked at Salford Union bar and Philips Hark Hall. In particular anyone who drank the Silver Jubilee away in the Star…….. oh happy days !!!!!!

    1. Aw thats a shame Richard! I will ask them if they remember Arfer…and the Silver Jubilee lol! Who knows, you may pop in when your in this neck of the woods? You would be assured of a warm welcome if you did!

  2. Yes, Echostain, I do know Neil – prior to his admission to the Norman Benbow Home for Ex-Hedonists. Please pass on my contact details AND LETS HAVE A PARTY IN THE STAR !!! Neil – you organise it … Echostain can promote it… Tony Mihn can DJ… I’ll get very drunk & obnoxious…. and whatever happened to Paul Andews ?

    1. I’ve passed your email on to Neil, Richard. Talk about Blind Date! Or should I say Blind Drunk date? lol! No doubt they will be having some sort of party in the Star (probably LOTS of parties!) I hope you can get there. The Norman Benbow Home for Hedonists eh….there must be an Admiral in there somewhere? (I’ve read Treasure Island lol!)
      I did mention you at the meeting (see my latest post about the Star) but so far no one remembers you (you must go way back, lol!) I first set foot in the place 30 years ago, went in quite a lot throughout the 80s and 90s and mean to go into the new exciting version!! Don’t worry about not being remembered, at least Neil remembers you! With a bit of luck, he may be in touch with the people you mention.
      Kind Regards

  3. hers a valid idea instead of talking about helping the star come in and spend some money.

    a regular of 16 years and still paying

  4. I’ve sent you a personal email about this matter Simon and for your information we have put our money into shares. My connection goes back to 1979. Tip: get facts straight before insulting people. Got a quibble? go on the facebook site – can’t see you as a member strangely enough…

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