Watched: Joan Collins in ‘Joan Does Glamour’


joan-collins the legendary
joan-collins the legendary

I watched Joan Collins in ‘Joan Does Glamour’ the other night.  This ITV programme was hilarious!  What a legend this woman is!  I think she looks good for her age.  She certainly doesn’t believe that less is more does she.   But I do like her approach to glamour and age.  I didn’t agree with some of her tips (like an extra sharp eyebrow pencil..ouch!) and she can come across as a bit snobby at times, but I think that’s just the ‘luvvy’ in her.  I don’t know,… these theatrical types lol! artistic license I suppose.  She is great fun though!

But she’s right, why shouldn’t women look glamorous at any age.  I know I wouldn’t be seen dead without my make up on (and don’t worry, I won’t be seen dead without my make up on,  that will be arranged!!)  Joan got to glamorise three generations of the Littlefair family from Plymouth (and made quite a good job of it, I thought).  It was hilarious to see Joany in Primark, picking out loads of bargains for herself lol!  “Fleeces belong on sheep!’ declared Joan dismissing these warm items and saying  that every woman regardless of age, should have a black leather jacket in her wardrobe. (well I have Luvvy, but I’ve not worn it for years…)  She is absolutely delighted that shoulder pads are coming back.  I would be too (if I still had my waist…  I would look like a cereal box now)  I hope this programme is one of a series!


2 thoughts on “Watched: Joan Collins in ‘Joan Does Glamour’

  1. I agree, Joan is great fun but I think she has had quite a lot of pulling, plumping and stapling done on her face. She does look great though and I really admire her attitude to glamour. I’ve always been such a lazy trout when it comes to make-up. I think it is difficult for people with red hair (my mum called it strawberry blonde). I usually ended up looking like a halloween cake when I put on make-up, so I gave up. I’ve been having a go with it again recently as there is a nasty rumour going around that I turned 50 in the summer, (I don’t believe it though), so it’s about time I made the effort.Unfortunately, I missed the programme but I think I can catch it on replay. I think Joan is the last of the old Hollywood glamour as she did act with Bette Davis and such when she was a youngster.

  2. Hi Piningforthewest, I’m not too sure she has had ‘help’ with her face you know. Read this article
    Yeah I know they all say that , lol!
    I think she was very brave taking her make up off on TV though!
    You will usually find that it’s very jealous people who start these nasty rumours about people being 50…they do this to take the attention off themselves (I know) lol! I’m afraid I shall have to dig that leather jacket out – Joan demands it!

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