A Witter about Twitter



I can’t make up my mind whether to join Twitter or not.  First of all, why is it any different from Facebook? (which I go on infrequently).  Are  your  ‘twitterings’ open for all to read’?  How will this help my blog?  I mean, do I write ‘I am now blogging away as we speak………‘ and do a link?  In short, I haven’t a clue lol! Is anyone, reading this post actually on Twitter? and how has it helped them?  and could they help me?  What are ‘followers’? and will I look sad if I don’t get any? lol! (and will I care? …  er yes!)  So many questions, but what are the answers?

the twitter bird says follow me...but what if they don't lol!

the twitter bird says follow me...but what if they don't lol!


3 Responses to “A Witter about Twitter”

  1. Thanks Piningforthewest, It certainly sounds worth doing then! I might coincide it for my 1 year anniversary (28th November). I quite like the sound of becoming one of the ‘Twitterati’ It sounds fun lol! I believe you must keep your messages short…that could prove difficult for me, but I’ll have a go!
    Kind Regards

  2. piningforthewest Says:

    I think it depends on how attached you are to your mobile phone. I’m an emergencies only user so it wouldn’t suit me, but some people certainly love it.

  3. Mmm I’m a bit like that too, though I use it for texting more. I am going to give it a go though, probably on my Blog aniversary!

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