The Star Inn, Salford: Time for Last Orders (or is It?)

The Star Inn back Hope Street Salford up for auction

The Star Inn back Hope Street Salford up for auction

It is nearly 30 years since my father and I discovered this pub.  It became a firm favorite of ours and saw many a family celebration.  I’ve not been in for a few years, but I’m going in tonight.  It may be to say goodbye…but  then again it may not be the last time I see this old friend …  You see the pub is up for auction soon.  Whoever buys it will knock it down to build! It’s a real ale pub too.  But it’s not going to be demolished without a fight.  The locals are fighting to save this hidden gem!

In January of this year, the pub won the Neil Richardson Trophy from the Campagne for Real Ale, so it is even more of a mystery how this state of affairs has come about!  The pub does have CAMRA on it’s side though and the locals are putting their money where their mouths are – so ANYTHING can happen!!!

Read what happened to the pub in my update HERE


There are some really good pics of this area (The Star included) HERE

More about the history of the place HERE

Of course, if you are interested in buying a stake in  this historical pub ….HERE’S  where the auctions at!

UPDATE: The Star Inn now has it’s own website

If you would like to join our ;Friends of the Star Inn Salford’ facebook group please click HERE

10 thoughts on “The Star Inn, Salford: Time for Last Orders (or is It?)

  1. It’s 50 years since I used to pop over from 382 Great Clowes Street to get my mothers cigarettes from the Star!
    Always fancied making the effort to get over and have a drink in the two pubs now I’m old enough! :o)

    1. 50 years eh Dave! The auction is on the 15th, 2 days time. I do hope that the regulars get it. The Horseshoe, by the way is no more, that’s a private school or shool of some sort I think. It’s a listed building, so the sign has to stay up. Unfortunately the Star isn’t listed, just down as a place of ‘interest’ (and a lot of memories for a lot of people).
      Kind Regards

  2. I lived there from ~1957 – 61 prior to moving to live in Snowdonia. I have fond memories of the area and the people who lived there.

    1. The area is now a conservation area Dave. Most of the big houses are still there too. I’m not from Salford myself, but I’ve always found those people great folk . A lot of them are STILL there too, despite being offered high prices to move….

  3. When I went there a few years ago I expected the area to be a run down slum. I was quite suprised to find out how well kept it was – although it was sad to see the crofts had been built on. I checked the house prices once when I was in Manchester and could not believe how much they were worth.

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