Watched: Tom Brown’s Schooldays

Schooldays are the happiest days of your life..aren't they?

Just finished watching the film ‘Tom Brown’s Schooldays’.  I’ve watched this loads of times, but it’s one of those films that can still hold my interest.  Set in Rugby public school, the film charts the highs and lows of Tom Brown’s schooldays. When I first read the book (by Thomas Hughes, written in 1857)  I longed to be a boy and go to public school.   I liked the idea of continuing tradition.  What more could a boy want? you got to sleep in an ancient building, walk  hallowed halls and get a jolly good education too!  Of course, some of the rituals the boys carried out didn’t appeal, nor  the time honoured tradition of thrashings and fagging.  But I supposed it was all part and parcel of public school life.  I must say though, that Brown’s arch enemy, a bully called Flashman comes across in the film as about 10 years older than Brown.  This makes his brutality and manner seem all the more threatening.  Indeed, this is a man beating and tormenting young boys – what a bully!  I cheered when he got expelled!

Bunty first printed in 1958
Bunty first printed in 1958

I blame books like this (and reading ‘The Four Mary’s’ in the Bunty comic for girls) for some of my yearnings for a life that could never be.  I would have LOVED to go to Boarding school and only come home for the holidays (or the ‘hols’) as they were referred to lol!  I rather liked the idea of a set routine, a continuity: a knowledge of what was to come – there’s security in that.  But back to the REAL world……….

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