If Bread be the Staff of Life – Make mine a Crispbread!

NOT one I made earlier ...alas

NOT one I made earlier ...alas

From time to time I get my Breadmaker out.  I have made every bread recipe in it and it all comes out too heavy.  It is however fine for just making and kneading the dough and I have great success by using it like this.  However last night I had a disaster.  This time, instead of adding the ingredients, I used a shop bought dough mix.  I’d bought this mix before and had good results with it.

I used it in the machine as usual, but no matter what I did it wouldn’t rise when I got it out, even though I kept it in a warm place.  In the end after 1 and half hours waiting for it I gave up and put it in the oven.  It came out like a kind of thick crispbread…..and away to the bin it went!  I won’t give up, it could have been just a bad packet.  Next time though wihen using a packet mix, I might do it by hand!


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