Weird and Whacky Design: By the Power of Greyskull……!

Meredith Host...Now eat your food or ELSE!
Meredith Host...Now eat your food or ELSE!

I came across these whacky designs by ceramicist Meredith Host.  Host makes quirky ceramics with what I think, a contemporary Gothic twist.  These pots are great fun.  You would just have to put ‘brain food (fish) on these wouldn’t you lol!

Meridith Host  food for thought
Meridith Host food for thought

The artist  loves Zombie movies and er, candy!  This is reflected in her work, some of which is REALLY colourful.  You will have to go on her website to see it though… you’ll find it well worth the look!!

Meredith Host skull bowl
Meredith Host skull bowl

More of her work HERE

Meredith’s website and other designs including  her ‘Slice and Dice’ range (great fun) HERE

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5 thoughts on “Weird and Whacky Design: By the Power of Greyskull……!

    1. Jane, She has an Etzy (?) site whereyou can buy them! Unfortunately I couldn’t get any colour images, but if you look on her website, there are some lovely colourful pots. Read her interview on one of the links to see how she gets her inspiration lol!

  1. thanks so much for blogging about my work! i do have an etsy site for the dishes you blogged about:
    thanks for the lovely write up! -meredith-

    1. Your most welcome Meredith! I LOVE your work! Ceramics wasn’t my strong point at Uni, though I liked the glazing techniques. Lol, Castle Redskull! yes, far more colourful than the grey one eh lol! Incidently I will be writing about Grayson Perry the ceramicist (2003 winner of the Turner Prize) soon. Are you familiar with his work? It’s a bit racy, and the subject matter is challenging, but the narrative is equisitelly drawn. Hope you get lots of sales!
      Kind Regards

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