Anthony Gormley’s ‘One and Other’: What are they up to now?

antony gormley plinth
antony gormley plinth

I thought I would have a peek and see how Antony Gormley’s  Plinthers are going on: it’s been a while since I last looked.  I watched Anthony Gormley’s ‘One and Other’  highlights with Clive Anderson and Grayson Perry, (which reminds me, I MUST write about this interesting Turner Prize winner ….)

Grayson Perry wins Turner Prize 2003
Grayson Perry wins Turner Prize 2003


The idea is to fill the empty fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square with a random member of the public.  Each living ‘statue’  will fill their one hour of fame with ever they wish to do, thus representing a cross section of the British public. Well, what a palaver eh…. the man who proposed – was this a stunt or not?  I felt a bit sorry for him actually if it wasn’t a stunt.  The female scientist who is studying in Manchester was doing some interesting scientific experiments, the  downside of this though was that she is that she sounded a bit muffled when explaining.  Grayson Perry is right though when he says there are too many show offs , and for me, far too many ‘appeals’ (all in good causes, I may add), I felt that the plinth was  being used as a soapbox just a little bit too much.  I too loved the young girl who just sat there in a foetal position hugging her knees and looking very vulnerable.  I actually found this quite moving. Take a look here and read about how she felt and what she actually decided to do HERE.  Well done Claire R for your honesty!
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And if you haven’t heard about Gormley’s project (where have you been?)  Information HERE

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