Summer time and the Living ISN’T easy!

alfresco eating

alfresco eating

We’ve not had much of a Summer this year (or for the last few years come to think of it…), so it’s great when the sun comes out in September and a great cause for celebration! And sitting outside a beautiful pub with a drink and a meal is a rare treat…or at least it SHOULD be.  But alas, it was never to be – thanks to wasps!  Hideous vindictive little blighters they are!  I saw several peoples Al fresco meals ruined because of these dive bombers!

wasp even the name strikes terror

wasp even the name strikes terror

The first one we encountered, was obliterated by an angry man (whose meal it had just crawled all over) he chose to take the creature out by mash potato…yes, death by mash potato! don’t ask…. Then  the wasps mate dived into the mans pint, swam right down to the bottom, and EMERGED unscathed and flew off (no doubt refreshed after it’s dip!)  However, another one (no doubt copying it’s mate) thought it would follow suit in MY drink…and drowned!  Oh deary deary me……

Mighty Moth at least he was a real hero! (er he wasn't a REAL moth either...)

Mighty Moth at least he was a real hero! (er he wasn't a REAL moth either...)

Most wasps apparently are paper wasps. This is what they eat (or in their case, drink).  Warning: Reading this has NOT endeared me to them!

2 Responses to “Summer time and the Living ISN’T easy!”

  1. I am pretty sure I got stung by a wasp this morning around 10:00. It HURTS and it is 2 hours later! I am a tough person (birthed 6 kids, have chronic RA pain) and this kind of pain makes my whole body ‘shiver’. I put After Bite on it and it was good for a couple minutes, then ice and that felt good but once my skin thawed, it started hurting again. Any idea what would help the pain?

  2. Sorry I can’t help Jenni, but you have my sympathy! I’ve been lucky so far about being stung. I know they’re all Gods creatures and all that, but they do make a summer day an absolute misery for people Thanks for visiting:)

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