Black Sheep Branwell: It wasn’t ALL Rock and Roll…

Branwell Bronte self portrait

Branwell Bronte self portrait

It’s Sunday, so it’s just a quick post again. Whilst in Haworth I visited Branwell Bronte’s exhibition.  It’s a small one, but it at least affords us a more rounded picture of Patrick Bronte’s tragic son.  There were small water colours, poems both in tiny form and a more ordinary format.

branwell bronte sketch

branwell bronte sketch

Small plays and even Branwell’s wallet were displayed.  I couldn’t get an image of it, but it was larger than I thought….and probably empty for many a long year lol!

tiny tiny writing

tiny tiny writing

Amazingly, Branwell was once a member of the Temperance Society, and once presided! A couple of his Temperance cards are on display, signed by himself and his father Patrick.

More tomorrow

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3 Responses to “Black Sheep Branwell: It wasn’t ALL Rock and Roll…”

  1. Yes, the irony of Branwell being part of a Temperance Society is something his sisters could’ve used in a story!

    • Yes, a missed opportunity there. Perhaps they just wanted to forget he existed? Perhaps he was their equivelent to the mad woman in Rochester’s attic? Poor old Branwell,. he didn’t fit into the role as a parson’s son. was groomed for finer things but never quite made it. Perhaps he preferred to be a BIG fish in very small waters, rather than chance his hand.

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