‘Wuthering Heights’ ITV 2009 version

wuthering-heights ITV 2009
wuthering-heights ITV 2009

I wasn’t going to watch this, but I managed to get myself entangled with it.  The beginning began with the traveller and the hand normally enough.  Then it seemed to jump forward to the future generation before the main characters had been established.  To me, this seemed confusing.  It then seemed to go backwards to tell the tale of how Heathcliff was adopted into the Earnshaw family etc.

Did I like it?  Tom Hardy as Heathcliff, I thought rather good, as was Charlotte Riley’s Yorkshire accent.  There was much confusion to who was who though (apart from the main characters) and a few liberties taken with the story.  Why do they always try to sex these tales up?  They don’t NEED it!  As for Nellie Dean, well all I can say dear is that there’s an old Mill by the stream………..  this sounds more like Branwell’s humour than Emily’s lol!

2 thoughts on “‘Wuthering Heights’ ITV 2009 version

  1. I don’t care about book adaptations to begin with! Almost all of them suck, if you’ll excuse my French. The only exception is maybe The Name of the Rose starring Sean Connery – but the rest is just ‘sexed-up’, as you put it, crap. I can acknowledge the fact that a good movie adaptation can be a work of art in its own right – but that is where it stops. It is never THE work of art that it tried to copy. Just like in the case of translation, what you get is not the original, but a new ‘reading’ of it…

  2. Thanks Jadepaloma 🙂 I loathe the Keira Knightly Pride and Prejudice for reasons like you have given. the small ‘farm’ they seem to be living on…the fact that Wickam the protagonist important because Darcy gets a chance to redeem himself in Lizzies eyes – gets about a minutes. acting. THAT kiss in the rain! What kiss? that book doesn’t need sexing up – its already sexy! Having said that, I do love the BBC version which is truer to the book (even though it does have Darcy emerging from his lake with a wet shirt on…. :). I like it for being truer, not the wet shirt…nothing against wet shirts – better stop there eh… 🙂 But what does agrevate me is people who havn’t read the book thinking they know the story because they’ve seen the Kiera Knightly film and probably being disappointed if they ever get to read the book!
    You are right though, the book is nearly always better than any film. A film is doctored to the directors vision – who is just another reader, but whose goal is to impress an audience.
    I noticed that you loved that ‘Name of the Rose’ film Jadepaloma. Its a good film, but I’ve never read the book. My daughter is a huge Sean Connery fan – its that voice I think!
    Thanks for commenting, always valid and appreciated 🙂

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