Nights (and Days) on the Toon (Newcastle) St Nicholas: Gothic Cathedral

St Nicholas Cathedral  Newcastle upon Tyne is a lovely little gem of a cathedral!  St Nicholas was the patron saint of  boats and sailors.  Built in 1291, it was burnt to the ground in 1216 and rebuilt in 1359.  It  finally became a cathedral in 1882.  The style is Gothic.

St Nicholas cathedral

St Nicholas cathedral


The stained glass in the cathedral is absolutely beautiful and the ornate carvings pay homage to the craftsmanship that must have been around in past times.

stained glass st nicholas

stained glass st nicholas

Memorials include Trafalgar hero Admiral Lord Collingwood and a effigy of a unknown knight from the 13th century.

Lord Admiral Collingwood Memorial

Lord Admiral Collingwood Memorial

The atmosphere of the cathedral is a very tranquil one.  The cafeteria and shop are full of the smell of home made food and thoughtful souvenirs: a happy environment.

St Nicholas lantern spire

St Nicholas lantern spire


The cathedral has a most unusual spire.  It is called a Lantern spire and is the first one I have ever seen, and was constructed in 1448.

st nicholas  small but beautifully formed

st nicholas small but beautifully formed

The 12 bells in the tower are VERY loud when they are rung and they are rung daily to welcome people to the  church service.

st nicholas tranquility

st nicholas tranquility

Take a virtual tour of this interesting building HERE

Some fabulous pictures of the cathedral’s stained glass, which is notoriously difficult to photograph, HERE

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