Happy Birthday Dear Marc Chagall!

It’s Marc Chagall’s birthday today!.  He was born in Belarus (then Russia) in 1887 – 1986.  Chagall was a Modernist and a world respected Jewish artist.  He also designed stained glass for Reims cathedral,  and memorial ceilings, he was also a print maker and worked in many different mediums. Chagall  had his own unique style ofContinue reading “Happy Birthday Dear Marc Chagall!”

Happy Birthday Dear Frida Kahlo! Feliz Cumpleanos!

It’s Mexican painter Frida Kahlo’s birthday today (b. 1907 – 1954)   This celebrated artist contracted polio when she was 6 years old, which left her with a limp.  A horrific  bus accident  in 1925 left the young girl with serious injuries, including a fractured pelvis and spine.  It was whilst recuperating  that she began to paint.Continue reading “Happy Birthday Dear Frida Kahlo! Feliz Cumpleanos!”

Teapots to SWOON over……

I’m so excited!  I came across this very cool teapot site that’s chok a blok FULL of very colourful and unusual teapots!  Here’s a couple of favorites…but this changes, because every time I take another look, I spot another! But then there’s this one too………. The rest of these fabulous teapots are HERE

Art I LOVE: Damien Hirst’s ‘A Thousand Years’….His Art has Wings

Although grisly, I found Damien Hirst’s (b. 1965 England)  installation  ‘A Thousand Years absolutely fascinating.  Within a huge  glass case, a whole life cycle is going on.  From gestation to birth, life to death, (zapped by an insect-o-cutor, what a way to go eh).  All is lived out before the eyes of the viewer.  A smallContinue reading “Art I LOVE: Damien Hirst’s ‘A Thousand Years’….His Art has Wings”

The Gentle Thunder of Anniversaries

You can get them here After another humid stuffy day (stuffed with sunshine that is) the sky is rumbling and getting ready for another downpour.  We are celebrating our wedding anniversary today (20 years married) and 27 years together.  I’ve just looked up what the appropriate present is for 20 years….and it’s china!  This couldContinue reading “The Gentle Thunder of Anniversaries”

Art I LOVE (past posts)

Here are the past posts that have done so far, featuring artists  who I LOVE.  I will be adding to them all the time (because I love a LOT of artists!)  It’s just a matter of getting the time to write about them, to do them justice.  There are so many I want to include;Continue reading “Art I LOVE (past posts)”