What I’m Reading at the moment: ‘The Little Stranger’ by Sarah Waters

christ the lord: out of Egypt Anne Rice
christ the lord: out of Egypt Anne Rice

I’ve not even finished reading ‘Christ the Lord’by Anne Rice yet.  As usual, I left off reading for a bit, then started reading something else….and now have to go back over it to ‘immerse’ myself in it.  With me, when I read something I need to be totally into it.  I need to get the feel: acclimatise myself, so to speak.  I can summon  this easily enough when I go back.  I know if I pick this book up again and go back a bit I will be in Jerusalem again.

The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters
The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters

At the moment though, I am now reading the latest book by one of my favorite authors, Sarah Waters.  The book is called ‘The Little Stranger’ and is turning out to be a little gem.  It is set in the 40s and is about the breaking down of the class system, the landed gentry trying to hold onto their land, servants amid fading fortunes.  The family in question aren’t exactly of the same status and ilk of the Marchmaine’s from Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh, but you get the idea….  The story is about their house, a crumbling ruin in which strange phenomena seems to be happening.  I am LOVING it!

Fingersmith by Sarah Waters
Fingersmith by Sarah Waters

Sarah Waters writes great books!  The ‘Fingersmith’ made me gasp with admiration at the twists in it!  The BBC version was absolutely fantastic to watch. 

Affinity by Sarah Waters
Affinity by Sarah Waters

Affinity’another good book, set in a Victorian womens prison, I thought the book  better than the BBC version, (which was pretty good and was very well done).   You could actually BE in that prison, such is the quality of the writing.  Couple that with the table tapping mediumship……decidedly creepy.  ‘Night Watch’. is the only one I wasn’t keen on at all.  It’s a War one, but I can honestly say I can’t remember much about it.  ‘Tipping the Velvet’ I saw on the TV first,  and what a great tale it is about Victorian Music Hall, Gay women, prostitution, cross dressing and well,…all sorts.  All done  with great humour and pathos.  The book was also excellent.  Sarah Waters is known for her Gay subject matter, which I know has put some off reading her work.  More fool them – I say, as they are missing out.  These novels are full of craft, wonderfully plotted and well written.  She is a GREAT writer! Her tales are full of twists and turns and very well researched.

Update:  ‘The Little Stranger’ finished reviewed HERE

Also read ‘Wedlock – How Georgian England’s worse husband met his match……..   by Wendy Moore

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