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Happy Birthday Dear Degas!

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degas self protrait

degas self protrait

Today is the birthday of French Impressionist Edgar Degas (b. 1834 -1917 France).  Degas was more than just a painter though, he was a printmaker, colourist, sculptor and excellent draughtsman.

degas was fascinated by the dance

degas was fascinated by the dance

Although he is more known  for his favorite  subjects, –  dancers, horse racing, theatre and nudes which  showcase his talent for depicting movement, he actually began as a classical history painter.

degas Little dancer 14 yrs old

degas Little dancer 14 yrs old

Degas had relatives in the States and often stayed there.  The Cotton Exchange at New Orleans, is, in my opinion is a wonderful painting in it’s own right.

Degas preferred to known as a realist

Degas preferred to known as a realist

Much has been already written about this celebrated artist, including his taciturn nature. He preferred to be known as a  Realist than an impressionist.  More information HERE and lots of links to his work HERE

Here is a list of links to post I have made so far concerning artist’s birthday.  I have tried to make it a rule that I actually LIKE the artists’ work!   Some artists I do like, I have not included so far, as their birthdays have clashed with something else I was writing about. Some birthdays I have only found out about when it was too late to include them , I mean to rectify this at a later date.




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