Last night I joined the Circus……

Portland Street, home of the Circus Tavern

Portland Street, home of the Circus Tavern

I went out last night..I won’t say ‘never again’, but NEVER AGAIN!  All I can put it down to is the hot weather and drinking a wee drop too much!  I’ve not had a hangover for years, I never drank alcohol at all for 5 years and never even missed it.  But last night I found myself turning into Oliver Reed lol!

circus decor

circus decor

In the past, I’ve often thought of running away to join the circus – well last night I did!  We went to a pub that I’d never been to before.  It is reputed to have one of the  smallest bars in Britain. The Circus Tavern is situated at 86 Portland Street and  is a tiny little  pub, full of interesting people.  The walls are plastered with photographs and memorabilia.  Apparently circus folk would meeet in this listed building before going on to do their circus acts in the nearby circus in Chatham  Street.

Kate, Memed and Emma

Kate, Memed and Emma

We met 3 interesting people last night.  Katie, a Visual Arts student, Emma, a Design student and a Magician called Nemed Phoenix.  He was rather good too, had us gasping with delight.  I don’t normally like magic tricks, but his were REALLY good.  He’s taking bookingsI believe and can be contacted at Book early to avoid disappointement!

Circus patrons past and present

Circus patrons past and present

But, back to the Circus (Tavern).  The bar is so tiny that there is waitress service.  From what I could see, there are two tiny side rooms.  The atmosphere, even though there weren’t many people in last night, is palpable, and even the paint reeks of personality (a little like the French Bar in Soho London).  The building itself was built around 1790 and is listed.  I shall be certainly popping in again…….(obviously not learned my lesson lol!)

There’s a good review of this pub HERE

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  1. Kate laverty Says:

    Hello Lynda! You have such an interesting blog! Thanks for including me in it 🙂 xxx

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