Art I LOVE (past posts)

Here are the past posts that have done so far, featuring artists  who I LOVE.  I will be adding to them all the time (because I love a LOT of artists!)  It’s just a matter of getting the time to write about them, to do them justice.  There are so many I want to include; Bacon, Banksy, Shiele, Minton, Deakin etc etc ect ECT ECT……….

Frank Meadow Sutcliffe     photographer

Frank Gehry  Architect

Ron Mueck    Sculptor?modelmaker/artist

Brian McGuire  Painter

Andreas Gursky photographer/artist

Anselm Kiefer  Painter

Tamara De Lempicka  Painter

Pentii Sammallahti  photographer

Frank Auerbach  Painter

Antoni Tapies  Painter

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