Good Old Cuppa I need You Now!

It’s not been a great day today.  But then, all days aren’t and we can’t expect them to be.  But it’s been a particularly  BAD one, unusually so.   However, I don’t want to moan on about it here: I’ll go elsewhere lol! There’s nothing like a good old cuppa to cheer you up, I alwaysContinue reading “Good Old Cuppa I need You Now!”

I Celebrate 1 Year of NOT Smoking with……

  Thankfulness, that’s what! I can’t believe it, but it is one year to the day (June 4th) that I gave up smoking!  One whole year SMOKEFREE!  And it IS a freedom too.  I don’t HAVE to light up every few minutes: I don’t HAVE to make sure I have enough cigarettes before the shopsContinue reading “I Celebrate 1 Year of NOT Smoking with……”

Little houses and Waxen Faced Dolls

  There is something fascinating about the world of miniatures.  This all started, when as a child I used to visit a nearby Dolls House museum.  These houses were OLD.  Gazing with surpirise at these microscopic worlds filled me with wonder – which has never  ceased.  The tiny furniture, mini foodstuff, utensils and textiles held such a fascinationContinue reading “Little houses and Waxen Faced Dolls”

Art I LOVE: Ron Mueck ‘Dead Dad’ and Others. No way you can Look away

  I have always been an admirer of Ron Mueck’s  sculpture (b.1958 Australia) ever since seeing his ‘Dead Dad’  (his own father,, reduced in scale).  This work pays homage to his father.  By reducing the scale., it somehow increases the importance and reverence the artist has towards him, as well as magnifying the ‘humaness’ and exclusivenessContinue reading “Art I LOVE: Ron Mueck ‘Dead Dad’ and Others. No way you can Look away”

Hey Britain Really DID Have Talent!

Well what a surprise from the finale of ‘Britain’s got Talent’ eh!  I must say, from what bits I managed to see, it looked a good night.  I was absolutely made up for Diversity! They really did deserve to win as they were by far the best talent of the night.  Others did OK though,Continue reading “Hey Britain Really DID Have Talent!”