There’s Nothing Romantic about Romanticism…or is there? part 2

Continuing from part one In Delacroix’s ‘Liberty Leading the People‘ 1830, we see an emotional approach.  One of the main differences between Classicism and Romanticism is that Romanticism shows a way of feeling and Classicism is a way of thought. This painting is was used as part of a propaganda campaign regarding the Revolution.  IContinue reading “There’s Nothing Romantic about Romanticism…or is there? part 2”

There’s nothing Romantic about Romanticism or is there?

What is Romanticism?  Romanticism was a movement in the arts that flourished in the late 18th century to the mid 19th century and rebelled against Neo Classicism.  It was the first movement to involve all of Europe in art, architecture, literature and music. Eugene Delacroix (1798 1863) sometimes incorporated a tiger in some of hisContinue reading “There’s nothing Romantic about Romanticism or is there?”

Back in the Picture

At last!  We got a new camera!  The other one broke and couldn’t be fixed.  I have missed not having a camera a lot.  I saw lots of interesting sight today in Manchester.  My mobile just does not do it at all…… I also like to keep track of my depleting face, which seems toContinue reading “Back in the Picture”

Art I LOVE: Frank Gehry ‘Fred and Ginger building’ Prague, Czech Republic

The Nationale Nederlanden or The Dancing building or Fred and Ginger or the Rasin are all names for one of my favorite buildings: the architect is Frank Gehry b. Poland 1929.  The building is in Prague, and I was lucky enough to see it (albeit only from a distance). The building has been likened toContinue reading “Art I LOVE: Frank Gehry ‘Fred and Ginger building’ Prague, Czech Republic”

With One hand to the Plough, I’m hardly in the Peak District

Again a quick post before work.  I really don’t know what happens sometimes on my blog, there’s a lot of troughs and peaks.  I can’t seem to find some kind of sequence.  The whole stat chart looks like the Plough or sometimes ‘the big dipper’!  Why this is I don’t know.  I just keep ploddingContinue reading “With One hand to the Plough, I’m hardly in the Peak District”

Legless? Oh Deer……

Just a very quick post, as I’m off to work.  I found this the other day.  It made me laugh because it was so kitsch!  So bad, it was actually good lol!  But WHY is it?  No one thinks anything of cow milk jugs or hen egg cups do they?  Could it be, because it’sContinue reading “Legless? Oh Deer……”