I Celebrate 1 Year of NOT Smoking with……


Some old friends
Some old friends

Thankfulness, that’s what! I can’t believe it, but it is one year to the day (June 4th) that I gave up smoking!  One whole year SMOKEFREE!  And it IS a freedom too.  I don’t HAVE to light up every few minutes: I don’t HAVE to make sure I have enough cigarettes before the shops close: I don’t HAVE to dash off buses, planes and trains GASPING for a fag!  I don’t HAVE to breathe through a small tube of tobacco any more.

my breathing apparatus
my breathing apparatus

And I HAD to do these things when I smoked, because, like it or not, smoking acted like a drug for me and I was addicted!  Do I feel superior? No, only thankful that I don’t HAVE to smoke, that I am no longer addicted.  I see the habit for what it is: a HABIT.  I have no yearnings to go back to smoking.  It doesn’t bother me when others smoke in front of me even, it just reinforces the fact that it is a dirty habit.

People ask ‘was it hard?  Well I think it’s as hard or as easy as you want to make it.  The HARDEST bit is actually DECIDING to give up: wanting it sincerely.  The rest is simply biting the bullet until the addiction subsides, (and it will subside  if you let it)

Indebted to this book
Indebted to this book

This is what I used: a book by Alan Carr. Lol! not the comedian, I may add!   This is what worked for me.  The first couple of days I used one of those inhaler cigerettes (without the capsule I may add).   I don’t know why, I didn’t even need this!  I put it down to fear of being without cigarettes.  My reasoning was why get addicted to something else like nicorette patches, gum and capsules?  there a re loads of these sorts of products on the market.  Nicoteen is a HUGE money making revenue…and there are plenty of products that would like a cut of your cig money by getting you addicted to their product.  I thought, if I’m going to save money, then that money is going to ME!!!!  My only outlay was the Alan Carr book, that was it.  After the first  day with a plastic fag (not recommended by Carr) which  I didn’t even need, but used as a sort of comfort blanket, next came the hands (what to do with em), this passes also.   Once you get through the first couple of days, you have cracked it believe me: the worse will be over.  I wouldn’t say it was dead easy for me, but a lot easier than I thought.  Yet,  it WAS easy for my husband (both heavy smokers), plus everyone’s experience is different. 

 But you must remember that smoking is only a HABIT and you CAN undo a habit if you hammer away at it.  I went through a lot of  little habits that made me smoke too……… for e.g. having a drink equals smoking: finishing a meal with a fag ect.  This is the brain tricking you into thinking I NEED A FAG!  But you don’t you know…CIGARETTES NEED YOU, more than you need them.

Just read some of the reviews of this book!

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