Art I LOVE: Ron Mueck ‘Dead Dad’ and Others. No way you can Look away


dead dad by Ron Mueck 1997

dead dad by Ron Mueck 1997

I have always been an admirer of Ron Mueck’s  sculpture (b.1958 Australia) ever since seeing his ‘Dead Dad’  (his own father,, reduced in scale).  This work pays homage to his father.  By reducing the scale., it somehow increases the importance and reverence the artist has towards him, as well as magnifying the ‘humaness’ and exclusiveness of the  father as a person.  It was a very moving piece of work. 

ghost by Ron Mueck 1998

ghost by Ron Mueck 1998

 Ghost  is an awkward pubescent  gigantic girl,trapped in an adult world, yet between both: awkward and ungainly in her own body.  Who hasn’t experienced this feeling of not belonging to either world, when growing up? 




 Mueck’s sculptures are usually of ordinary people.  They are HUGE, which adds to the impact.  These sculptures are not only disconcerting because of their scale, its the realism and  to detail that really grabs the viewer.

mueck mask

mueck mask

Mueck’s  work has been termed ‘Hyper realism’.  He works in silicone, mixed media and fibreglass.  He served his apprenticeship, not in art school, but with puppeteer Jim Hensen.

big man by Ron Mueck 2006

big man by Ron Mueck 2006

A lot of background information here and a very good article about the artist and his work here

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11 Responses to “Art I LOVE: Ron Mueck ‘Dead Dad’ and Others. No way you can Look away”

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  4. Why are his subject alays so ugly/homely? Can’t he sculpt beautiful figures? My children were beautiful when they were born. I have never seen such an ugly baby. And the figure of his dead father was a tribute?… Looks more like a vengeful belittlement.

    • Hi Michelle, Beauty, they say is in the eye of the beholder. I can see where you’re coming from here regarding his choice of individual subject matter, but are not ALL babies beautiful in their own way? Mueck doesn’t make beautiful figures because he’s a hypo realist. He tends to depict things as they are, not as he would like them to be (there’s loads of ”nice’ statues floating about…and most of em are so neglected they want cleaning lol!) . His Dead Dad is reduced in scale. In real life this man was probably a giant of a man in Mueck’s eyes when he was growing up. In death, you can see that he was just an ordinary man after all, so Mueck shows him ‘warts and all’. It’s interesting that you see Mueck’s tribute as a ‘vengeful belittlement’ though. I don’t know what his relationship was with his dad, but Mueck’s work tends to show people how they ‘are’ not what he would like them to be. Scale tends to emphasise the ‘physical faults’ (if faults they be) of these figures and gets people talking, so thanks for your comment Michelle!
      Kind Regards Lynda

  5. I wouls like to know when you come to Los Angeles

  6. i went to see his exhibition on Saturday in Aberdeen, Scotland for my art because i had to write an essay about it for today but im currently still writing it kuz im off ill (N) 672 words so far ( only has to be 450 – 500 :O )
    i love!!!! his work! its amazing! even if you dont like art or your not good at art you should defo go and see one of his exhibitions! “A girl” is amazing! along with the “Two Women Grim” they are soo well done, carefully and delicately! i love them so much 😀

  7. Hi Paige, I saw a bit of his work in the Saachi gallery a couple of years ago, including mask and Dead Dad. The attention to detail is amazing! I saw the ungainly girl in the swimsuit in Liverpool. He captures her awkwardness with her body by making her overly tall. Good luck with your essay! This is primarily an art site, so let me know if I can help you with in any way.
    Kind Regards

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  9. is there a story behind the dead dad ?

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