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Hey Britain Really DID Have Talent!

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dance-troupe-diversity-wons-britains-got-talent Worthy Winners!

dance-troupe-diversity-wons-britains-got-talent Worthy Winners!

Well what a surprise from the finale of ‘Britain’s got Talent’ eh!  I must say, from what bits I managed to see, it looked a good night.  I was absolutely made up for Diversity! They really did deserve to win as they were by far the best talent of the night. 

susan-boyle, gracious in defeat, but what a journey she had!

susan-boyle, gracious in defeat, but what a journey she had!

Others did OK though, including Susan Boyle, who I was greatly relieved to see took her defeat (such as it was, though she is probably the global winner) very graciously.  I am glad she didn’t win though, for her own sake.  The media pressure and expectations looked like they were really getting to her.  She actually looked relieved that she came second.  The real winner of course is Simon Cowell, how can this man possibly lose though?

Tomorrow I am going to write about ART!!!!!  Oh yes I am!

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