A Cornish Garden of Hidden Delights: The Barbara Hepworth Museum, Cornwall

two sculptures converse

two sculptures converse

I came across these photos the other day.  They are from a holiday we had in Cornwall about 3 years ago.  Amongst the many places we visited, was the Barbara Hepworth Museum in St  Ives.  The house has a few Hepworth personal memento’s, but it isn’t as interesting as Hepworths studio or garden .

Hepworth's studio

Hepworth's studio

Everywhere you turn, a sculpture confronts you,  Sometimes they seem to creep up on you and take you unawares!    Each pathway, bush and sculpture provides a vista.  Sometimes these vistas lead to other vistas.  There is so much life out here in the gardens.  The flowers and plants seem in perfect harmony with their neighbours (the sculptures).

amazing forms

amazing forms

Opening up these forms, by piercing them, lets in light and lets the sculpture ‘breathe’.

natures influence

natures influence

Hepworth was influenced by older sculptors like Henri Gaudier Brzeska and Jacob Epstein.  Hepworth took her forms from nature and from Neolithic stones.  If you are in St Ives, it is well worth visiting this lovely place!

6 Responses to “A Cornish Garden of Hidden Delights: The Barbara Hepworth Museum, Cornwall”

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  5. I like these much better than Moore’s. I wonder if it has to do with their natural settings? Hmm…

    • Its a gorgeous place – full of joy! i think Hepworth’s garden is her voice – and I’m sure she still wanders in that wonderful place, delighting in and still delighting others with her work 🙂

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