Potty about Teapots: Lock in the Flavour!


securitea teapot by andy titcomb
securitea teapot by andy titcomb

I came across this original and unusual teapot by Andy Titcomb the other day.  I was immediately struck by how the design acts as a metaphor to the availability and exclusiveness of this once valuable beverage

Tea  caddy circa 1790
Tea caddy circa 1790

Tea, introduced in the mid 17th century became the main  British beverage.  Everyone I know, drinks coffee now though!  Why is this?  Tea was once such a valuable commodity, only wealthy people could afford it.  It was locked away in a tea caddy and eaked out.  Even the leaves were recycled.

tin tea caddy
tin tea caddy

This site incorporates tea caddies and old advertising!

For a brief history of Tea, see here


2 thoughts on “Potty about Teapots: Lock in the Flavour!

  1. Hi there

    I purchased a Tony Wood Teapot, Well i think it’s a teapot anyway. I was wondering if you may be able to shed some light on it as i have been searching and searching but have found nothing on it.

    The general description i can give you is as Follow’s.

    It looks like a Toby Jug but what caught my eye was the caracter has his legs in the air. The har area is where the tea goes into i presume? One the feet one side has a hole large enough for pouring the tea out, The other side has a very small hole in it. This i am guessing is for air to get in to aid pouring.

    On the base it has a crest with what looks like a lion rampant, The name Tony wood. There is also a name witch is William, this i am taking is the style and also w.a.b.

    Any info you can supply on this would be much appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you soon.



    1. Hi Kenny, No expert myself, I just like the Woods teapots. But I am pretty sure by your description that I have the same teapot! That is the first time I’ve noticed ‘William’ on it too! Mine has a purple checked jacket and a yellow waistcoat on. I have searched in vain like you for an image of it, but no luck. I am going to have to take a pic of it and send it you. I’m pretty sure the pot is called ‘The Acrobat’ or ‘the juggler’….or even the ‘Contortionist’…OK I’m not pretty sure, but it IS one of those names. This will drive me mad now lol!
      Kind Regards

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