Potty about Tea and Pots (well, just potty really)

tony woods mad hatter teapot

tony woods mad hatter teapot

A  quick post before I get ready for work. I used to collect teapots.  I have quite a few.  My favorite maker was Tony Woods, I loved his character teapots.  Not only is his characterisation pleasing, I like the glazes he uses.  I would have all his work if I could.

my favorite woods teapot

my favorite woods teapot

I came across this ceramicist the other day (TomHatton).  Some of these designs are wonderful and very whimsical!

tom_Hatton stella teapot

tom_Hatton stella teapot

This is an excellent site for novelty teapots.  Needless to say I never use my teapots to make tea……..   I use the old teabag in the cup I’m afraid.  Besides, some of the teapots are totally impractical anyway, and that’s the fun of them!

And a good Teapot blog… (where I got the ‘Stella’ pic from)

2 Responses to “Potty about Tea and Pots (well, just potty really)”

  1. Love the Tom Hatton teapot!
    I’ll give your blog a mention on my teapot blog.
    All good wishes

    • Thanks Andy!
      Your blog is going on my blogroll. I’m thinking of adding a teapot catagory now. I LOVE your padlock teapot by the way! Sincere best wishes Lynda

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