Altered Art book: Page 23 The muffled voice




Page 23 of my altered art book.  It seems so long since I last did a page, lets hope I’m now on a roll lol!  I am very nearly near the end of the first ‘chapter’ (there are 3 altogether I think) and I am already having a problem closing this book!

The text  I have chosen (long ago)  is;

“Back in his own room he wound the tape back and switched to PLAY.  Nothing for long seconds, then a rustling like leaves, then his voice, wrapped up, as if he was talking through cloth.”

page-23-detail lipstick kissed through fabric



page-23-detail lipstick kissed through fabric

I thought deeply about WHY I had chosen these words and what they said to me.  The idea of recording an event and replaying it: looking back on a moment that has gone.  The need to TELL.  This made me think of some sort of confessional and inevitably, a grill, a barrier beween the teller and the listener. 



 Also the idea of talking through cloth, muffled voices: the words indistinct, the voice not being recognised.  Perhaps a yashmak, (a veil worn by Muslim women to cover their faces in public), or a scarf, a gag: voices trying to make themselves distinct through time.  Or when you hear a foreign language and your ears try to pick out words you recognise in your own language (and of course it makes no difference at all, but it doesn’t stop you trying because the urge to communicate is too strong).

Continued tomorrow……


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