Easter springs upon us and takes us by surprise


Just a quick Good Friday post today.  We just spent the day relaxing (a bit too much) and pottering.  Spring is in the air – I can smell it!  We may have a trip out somewhere in the week after Easter, but this Easter weekend will be spent working as usual.

hotcrosspudding yummy!
hotcrosspudding yummy!

I had a go at this Jamie Oliver recipe and I must say it was delicious and made a lovely hot pudding!  Hot Cross buns are available all the year round now, so there’s no need to restrict this recipe to Easter.


There doesn’t seem to be  many people around at the moment on here, probably got better things to do than sit at their P.C.  So here is the link from yesterday’s post celebrating my 130th post and summerising all that has gone before.  Happy Easter!

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