Altered art book, Page 21 (Yet again!) Is there a Ghost in the House?

page-21-yet again! But why?

page-21-yet again! But why?

Continuing again with another page from my altered art book.  It’s a few weeks since I did anything concerning these pages.  However, I am at last getting to the end of the pages where I had already chosen words, so it should become easier.  The original words I chose were relevant for that time (er… a few years ago, as I kept mislaying the book!)

The words for this page are;-

‘She’d be laid out in her coffin, pink satin it’d be with blue trimmings to go with her make-up.’

Silver trains shake through the stone

Loungewear – Made for stars (label)

My mum chucked them out.  The whole lot.  She said they were dirty.

I don’t know

Some people

Eye leaking

Like it always did’

I found a label from some pyjamas I bought and thought it would be fun to add this to the page.  Pink satin with blue trimmings to go with her make -up sounds like Barbara Cartland doesn’t it?  Or perhaps Liberace.  It’s a pity we didn’t go to his place when we were in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago.



One flamboyant performer’s house we did see was Turkish singer Zeke Muren.  We first heard him a quite a few years ago, in a shop on our first Turkish holiday.



 This man  has such an interesting voice, we bought some of his music.  Two years ago, we went to Bodrun in Turkey and had a look around the late great Zeke’s house.

Zeke statue in his garden

Zeke statue in his garden

 It was uncanny, it was as if he had just nipped out to the shops and we were snooping.  The feeling was particularly strong in the bedroom.  Some of his costumes were still there (they are very flamboyant) and also his car, well one of them.

Zeke's car

Zeke’s car

 His house is right near Helicarnassus, the famous outdoor dance place.  I wonder if he ever went in?  Apparently before his illness, he could often be seen around town, and no one hassled him.

helicarnassus outdoor disco

helicarnassus outdoor disco

This is what he sounds like

and what he did

To  view the altered art book pages so far  The one I did already and forgot about……for this page is here and here.  I must LOVE this page or something, I can’t seem to get off it lol!

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