Transcription: ‘Paula Rego and her Stepmother’ pages 33 -36 The Golden Ratio

Continuing with my transcription Snow White and her Stepmother’ by Paula Rego:-







I changed the colours around on page 34;  from negative to positive, with the orange dress becoming flesh tone.




The composition is mostly made up of triangular and rectangular shapes!  This relates to the ‘Golden Section’ or the Golden Ratio.  The Golden section formed the basis of  Classical paintings and has it’s roots in Geometry.  It is a sophisticated system for building up a composition.



To visualise the Golden section, draw a diagonal line connecting opposing corners, on a rectangular format.  Then draw a second line from either of the remaining corners so that it intersects the first line by a ninety degree angle.  Now add horizontal and vertical lines which each pass through each point of intersection.  This will look like an off centred Union Jack.  According to Classical theory the resultant divisions will form a basis for building a strong composition.  Each remaining rectangle can also be subdivided to provide further strong points.

Transcription so far;

 Pages 1 – 5

Pages 6 – 13

Pages 14 – 21

Pages 22 – 25

Pages 26 – 28

Pages 29 – 30

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