Spring cleaning this blog (well, thinking about it anyway)


A quick one today, as I have to go to work soon (whilst I still have a job to go to!).  I have quite a lot of stuff to be getting on with regarding this blog: it could do with a Spring clean!  I might change the format also because I have been  having trouble with the size of the script, which can be very erratic at times.   Firstly, I must do some more Altered art book pages.  Also more transcription (that is two journals stuck together, so there’s a lot of stuff in there).  I never did get round to writing about The Francis Bacon retrospective we went to before Christmas.  And I have managed to do some new work which needs to go on here.  I started this blog the end of November last year and I havn’t missed many days.  When I went to Las Vegas the other week, I did my blogs just before I went, then scheduled them to come on each day.  But I must have under estimated the time difference because one day is missed out lol!

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