Altered art book: page 20 James Dean arrives




Continuing with my altered art book, the words that were chosen were;

‘Little bastard!’

Then high heels across the hallway and kitchen, then the door clicked shut..

He stared at her and stomped off up the road….

Again, WHY THOSE PARTICULAR WORDS?  What was I thinking of when I chose them?  The answer is lost in time and I have to work with the present, in the present…and I have my work cut out so I had better sharpen those scissors eh!


Stumped, I turned to Google and typed in ‘Little Bastard’, the result was surprising!

spyder porshe -james-dean


spyder porshe -james-dean

This was the actor James Dean’s racing car.  Well you learn something new every day.  The story about the car, his death and story are fascinating: read here!  I suppose judging by the sheer randomness of this, and the moodiness of the text (stomping off etc), James Dean or to be more generic, icons will be the theme of this page.


To be continued

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