Transcription Pages 26 – ‘Snow White and her Stepmother’ by Paula Rego




Continuing with my transcription ‘Snow White and her Stepmother. by Paula Rego…..

‘Splitting the picture as before, (see page 25 below) and by swapping the pieces around, the Stepmother’s flesh is now textured like her blue dress.  The blue texture has also been applied to Snow White’s skin.  There seems to be some sort of connective structure going on, which may be better expressed as line.”



“This experiment is about trying to get the right tonal values in pastels.  There is a difficulty in trying to recreate the colour of the wall, which is a very unusual shade of grey.  It seems to have a slight purple/pink tone in it which is really hard to capture.” (page 27)



” The image (Page 28 see below) has been to negative and the yellow carpet is now an unusual shade of blue which is yet again proing difficult to get exactly right.”



To be continued…

Transcription so far;

 Pages 1 – 5

Pages 6 – 13

Pages 14 – 21

Pages 22 – 25

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