Clear the Decks and burn ‘em!

good old coal fire

good old coal fire

Over the last couple of days we have been having a big clear out.  The rubbish we accumulate is amazing, also a bit frightening!  WHY?  We have now made several trips to the rubbish dump.  At out particular dump (I’ll call it ‘tip’ so as not to get confused with our house), everything is so orderly.  There is a space for everything: wood, metal and electricals, white ware, glass, even clothes.  Why can’t my home be like that?  We have burned a lot of stuff on the fire, especially paper.  Now this made me think of the days when we all had coal fires.  There was hardly anything in the bins, even the veg peelings were chucked on the fire.  I think that that could be the trouble nowadays.  There’s not many ways of getting rid of rubbish apart from tipping it.  The binmen are very careful about what they take now.  Even charity shops are careful about what they take, especially soft furnishings like suites, which have to have flame retardent.  Even wooden furniture has to have this now or they won’t take it.  This happened to a relative who ended chopping up a beautiful dining table and upholstered chairs.  I dare say someone would have been very glad of them…but alas no takers.  People become suspicious about getting something for nothing, it appears.

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