Altered art book page 18 Heaviness is not always Metal


Continuing my Altered art book with page 18, I am continuing with the ‘junk’ theme.  On page 17 I looked at the connoctations of the word ‘junk’, exploring drugs and  assemblage (disgarded stuff used to evoke memories).  On this page is an image of a hand made machine.  I don’t know what it is, I just picked it because it looked like it would revolve (which fitted in with the text).  Don’t forget, a lot of these images and words were chosen a long time ago, and the original reason has been forgotten.  The text on this page reads as follows: –

He stared down at the machine

The machine began to revolve

a gritty roaring sound like the ocean dragging pebbles

soaked up by a piece of blotting paper



It made me think about other pieces of junk.  Junk that we carry around with us: unwanted thoughts, blind beliefs, superstitions, paraphanalia which we don’t really need but which we are frightened of letting go of because ‘something bad’ may happen.


The machinery part of the text put me in mind of this place ‘Forevertron’ Wisconsin USA, the biggest scrap metal sculpture in the world.  Its inventor Dr Evermore sounds quite a character…….

From construction to destruction.  In 2001 London artist Michael Landy destroyed all his possessions in the name of art.  He shredded and granulated everything, and I mean everything, including his credit cards: everything.  This took place in an Old C & A store in London and lasted 2 weeks.  The exhibition was called ‘Break Down’ and by the time the exhibtion ended Landy was left with his cat and girlfriend.  Why did he do it?  Apparently it was a statement about Consumerism and more…This is what he said at the time:-

“I see this as the ultimate consumer choice. Once Break Down has finished, a more personal break down, will commence – life without my self-defining belongings.”


For more about Landy

Media used; inks, photocopy image, printed paper

All the pages so far here

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