Brief Encounters trip the light Fandango

Princess carabu Not sure if I’ve got anything interesting to say today (or at any other time really).  But that won’t stop me saying anyway.  I’ve been out.  Can’t you tell?  We met a very interesting character in the pub.  An old man of 75, who had us enthralled with his stories…which proved to be aContinue reading “Brief Encounters trip the light Fandango”

Altered art book page 11 continued: let your fingers do the walking

Continuing Page 11 in the Altered book, I tried to find artists that used childhood experiences are a source.  Tracey Emin (b. 1963) springs to mind immediately.  A lot of her art is in the form of the confessional.  From family sayings (her beloved Grandmother in this case) ‘There’s a lot of money in Old chairs’, whereContinue reading “Altered art book page 11 continued: let your fingers do the walking”

Altered art book: page 11 Walk a life in my shoes

The words I picked out were; – ‘They walked through their childhood’ The idea of walking through childhood is of course associated with memories: nostalgia for what has been.  My immediate thought was childhood toys, until the shoes hit me that is.  How many pairs of shoes do we go through in life I wonder? Continue reading “Altered art book: page 11 Walk a life in my shoes”

Attack of the Killer tomatoes! A conspiracy?

Doing really well with these resolutions so far!  OK, I know it’s only day 2, but nevertheless I am doing great!  After all the rubbish I’ve been eating at Christmas, I couldn’t wait to get back to healthy eating.  I thought I would do a nice healthy shepherds pie and some salad: (I’m odd likeContinue reading “Attack of the Killer tomatoes! A conspiracy?”

You say you want a Resolution? Up the Resolution!

Up the Resolution! I am resolute!       In comes the New Year, and out comes the Resolutions; – Eat less Drink less Write Blog every day Do more walking Bin a load of rubbish from this house Hang on to my money longer be nicer to people In with the New Year andContinue reading “You say you want a Resolution? Up the Resolution!”

It’s all over now. Gone and best forgotten

  Well that’s the end of it.  2008 is no more: welcome 2009!  Lots of things happened this year.  I gave up smoking, finally after a zillion years.  And I’ve put some lbs on that I’m NOT happy with at all.  Still, that’s what New Year is for isn’t it? resolutions.  I always start outContinue reading “It’s all over now. Gone and best forgotten”