Altered art book page 16 continued: Cross Shooting

Continuing page 16 the words were:-

“They’d shoot at the wooden crosses”

“The door would shake then

the window

then the door again”

“He became a regular at the Empire of Junk”

“More than a hundred radios”


A tall order: an artist who uses crosses.  Well, there’s loads out there isn’t there, especially depicting Christ on the cross.  But that wasn’t quite what I was looking for.  I was concentrating on the Cross as a target. By shooting at this target, there is the possibility of provocation: either an answer from beyond the grave or the living who would be offended at this defacement.


Stanley Spencer(b.1891 – 1959 Cookham Berkshire, UK) depicted Christ in his paintings.  And Christ, to Spencer, always came from Cookham.  Spencer received praise and also heavy criticism for his religious paintings, especially Resurrection’ which takes part in a graveyard.  This picture caused a lot of controversy when it was shown.  Painted between 1924 – 1927, the picture shows Cookham church graveyard with residents rising up from their graves.  The figures of Moses and other prophets sit in stone seats, as the locals rise to the sound of the Last Trumpet.

St Francis Receiving the Stigmata  by Giotto di Bondone (C.1267 – 1337 Florence Italy).  Giotto was also an architect and one of the contributing artists of the Italian Renaissance.  Stigmata of course is the mystical marks that appear on the body of an individual.  These marks correspond with the crucifixion wounds  of Christ.  The reason I have chosen it is because of the bullet like wounds that are being inflicted, raining down  upon the Saint, the follower of the cross.

The Empire of junk needs to be explored, but not here.  The empire stretches for a couple more pages……..

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