Hovis stands still as time marches on…and on

Fresh Hovis mmmmmm
Fresh Hovis mmmmmm

I love that new Hovis advert!  You know the one? where the lad races through time to deliver the Hovis?  I like the way the ad gets across that the world has changed (since Hovis was first invented) BUT Hovis has stayed the same.  I like the sense of continuity.  Continuity makes me feel secure.  Change may be exciting in a nail biting way (unless it’s gradual and you hardly notice – as in the Hovis continuity) but there’s no security in drastic change  is there? 

Old Hovis advertising sign
Old Hovis advertising sign

Here’s the Masterpiece itself! complete with Dvoraks New Symphony

Here’s that man going up that hill on his bike, bringing the Hovis home……  did this really happen?

hovis its worth the exertion
hovis its worth the exertion


I don’t think Hovis has changed much at all.  I still love it and always will, unless they start putting sawdust in it…….. I also wasn’t surprised that Hovis makes Nimble, miles better than other slimming bread.


Hominis vis (which means ‘the strength of man’) er AND WOMEN mate!

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