Altered art book: page 12 By the light of the Silvery Moon furtively





My scanner is now out of action.  It was playing up the other day, now it’s completely packed in.  I have  had to take a photo of these pages, with not much success. but anyway …….

Page 12, the words chosen were: –

‘He hid his own fears and wishes and only took them out in private under the eye of the moon.’

A childhood memory flashed up.  I was counting money and the moon was shining though the window.   I saved my pocket money up in an old French coffee bean tin.   It was blue and white striped.  There was something about this tin that was exotic and ooh la la.  I hid the tin away, only taking it out when the moon was full.  I had heard that if you turned your silver over when it was a new moon, your money would increase! 

This is wrapped up in superstition and also fear.  It is the compulsive feeling that if you DON’T do something, something bad will happen.  Being told that Santa won’t come unless you go to sleep…then not being to be able to get to sleep because you are too excited, then panicking!!  


Although not very clear, the moon I made is actually silver.  A coffee tin hangs from it, followed by a small silver charm of a handbag. 

Media used: ink, oil pastel, silver card, photocopies, ribbon, charm


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