Altered art book: page 11 Walk a life in my shoes

page-11-walking through childhood
page-11-walking through childhood

The words I picked out were; –

‘They walked through their childhood’

The idea of walking through childhood is of course associated with memories: nostalgia for what has been.  My immediate thought was childhood toys, until the shoes hit me that is.  How many pairs of shoes do we go through in life I wonder?  What about past lives? all those shoes!  One CANNOT have enough shoes…… or enough lives?

page-11-shoes detail
page-11-shoes detail

I scribbled these hastily on a prepared white background.  The idea of walking in different shoes puts me in mind of Reincarnation, doing unto others as they would do to us, role reversal and of course following in our Forefathers footsteps.  Is there a purpose? is there a pattern? or is life just a repetition of what has gone before? (in our personal sphere)

I have quite a few artists in mind, associated with this page, but they will have to wait until tomorrow.

Media used; ink,wax crayon, watercolour paint, print, mock snakeskin paper

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